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Publicity Actions

The publication of all the actions of the LIFE+ Environment “HEC – PAYT” project with their results is a core action of the project. Through a press and media publicity and awareness campaign, all stakeholders and authorities will have access to information regarding the actions and the results of the project, as well as background information on PAYT systems.

Public awareness is essential for gaining acceptance for PAYT systems by the local community. It is therefore important, to have an integrated campaign to inform the public as well as the decision makers and the authorities in general. Two approaches are followed in this project:

  • Meetings, forums and workshops concerning all the stakeholders and the project beneficiaries, in order to achieve substantial exchange of information and experience for PAYT systems. Moreover, there will be open dialogue and workshops aiming at selecting the most appropriate PAYT systems.

  • Publications. These articles will present the progress of the project and explain to the readers the importance and the operation of PAYT systems. Furthermore, leaflets and posters will be produced and distributed among the public in Greece, Estonia and Cyprus.

Greek poster

Greek leaflet (1)

Greek leaflet (2)

Issue No 70: Cover page & Table of contents of magazine "Garbage and Recycling"

Issue No 77: Cover page and Table of contents of magazine "Garbage and Recycling"

Estonian poster

Estonian leaflet (1)

Estonian leaflet (2)

Cypriot poster

Cypriot leaflet